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my talents......

Birth Name: Elmer Figueroa Arce
Genre: Latin
Active: '80s, '90s, 2000s
Instrument: VocalsBorn:Jun 29, 1968 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Biography
Beginning in the late '80s, Chayanne, one of Latin pop's premier heartthrobs, sustained a bountiful hitmaking career as a balladeer and even found time to pursue an acting career on the side. Born Elmer Figueroa-Arce on June 28, 1968, in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico,

my directión

Introduction: this unit talks about giving directions. How you can get to go a place; also this unit explains the preposition con help you to recognize ar find a place

*There's a top shop on the pine street
it’s next to the parker’s drugstore.

It’s behind of Jamison hotel

*There's a post office on the main street.

It’s on the corner of First Avenue.

It’s across from the gas station

*There's a gym on Main Street

It’s between post office and o’day’s department store.

It’s behind of the park

food pyramid

Introduction: In this unit I talk about the food. The food that I like eat and the food thad I don’t like eat
Very little: Yogurt, cereal, milk and vegetables.

Some: Apples, bananas, fish, and bread.
A lot of: Chicken, pasta, hamburger, beef and pizza

Food I like: chocolate, chicken, hamburger, cheese, pizza, rice, potato chips, fish, beef, pasta and crackers.

Food I don't like: vegetable, milk and yogurt

Food I eat that's good for me?

I eat a litle of: candy, chocolate, hamburger and pizza

I eat some of: fruit, eggs, beans, milk, yogurt and chesse

I eat a lof of: cereal, breat, vegetable, rice and noodles

my family

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welcome to my blog

My name is Elimar Parra but everybody calls me ELY. I'm from Maracaibo originally, I'm 22 year old and Social Communication student at URBE. I live in maracaibo in San Francisco...
I love music,dancing,mc donald,pizza,chocolate, my family ,my countri and my baby.
I hate oniuns,smoking,violence injustice.
My dream is travel a round the world,visit world disney the Eiffel tower in paris .
My opinion about english t think english very important.